1942, Butte Art Centre

1946-1947, Fifty-first Annual Exhibition of the Art Institute of Chicago

1947, Old Northwest Territory Art Exhibit, Illinois State Fair, Springfield, Illinois

1947, Wisconsin Salon of Art

1948, Layton Art Gallery, Milwaukee

1948, WTMJ television

1948, University of Chicago Renaissance Society

1949, College Women’s Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

1950, Milwaukee University Women’s Club

1951, Milwaukee Art Institute

1953, annual meeting of the Society of Engineers hobby and gadget show

1953, Anaconda Senior Women’s Club, Montana Hotel (demonstration/portrait, Mrs. J. J. Dougherty)

1954, Montana Power Company Lobby, Butte

1954, Montana State Historical Society, Helena

1955, Hotel Florence, Missoula, Montana

1956, Northern Montana College at Havre

1957, Montana Institute of the Arts

1957, Montana State Historical Society

1958, Helena Art Center

1958, Carroll College Art Club demonstration

1960, Junior League Quarters, Montana

1967, T. H. Morgan Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta (four-generation show)

1968, M. I. A., demonstration portrait relief of Mr. Floyd Domschen

1969, Sladmore Gallery, New York City

1970-1974/1979/1981/1982, Montana Gallery & Bookshop, Helena, Montana

1973, Western Montana National Bank

1974, Montana Historical Society

1975, Gainsborough Gallery, Calgary

1975-1979, Northwest Rendezvous show membership, Montana (’75-’76 demonstration)

1976, Loch Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba

1976-1978, Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta

1979-1984, Harrison Galleries, Vancouver, B. C.

1979/1982/1983, Downstairs Gallery, Edmonton

1980, Robson Square, Vancouver, B. C.

1980, Oxford Galleries, Edmonton

1980-current, Studio West Ltd. Gallery, Cochrane, Alberta

1980, Deaton Museum Studio, Newton, Iowa

1981, Herbert Schwarz Gallery of Fine Art, Calgary

1981, Deerfoot Mall,  “On the Hill”

1982-1983, Canadian Commercial Bank lobby, Edmonton

1982-1985/1987, Udell-Woltjen Gallery, Edmonton

1983, Canadian Utilities Ltd. Edmonton and Calgary head offices

1983, Salon of Nations, Paris, France

1984, Cochrane Arena, Cochrane, Alberta.

1984, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, B. C.

1984, Ukrainian Museum of Canada, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

1985, University Club of Vancouver, Vancouver, B. C.

1985, Studio West Ltd. exhibit, Calgary, Alberta

1985, Deerfoot Mall, CODA series

1985, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Vancouver, B. C. (demonstration)

1985, Harrison Hotel, Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.

1986,  “1066 Restaurant”, Hastings Street, Vancouver, B. C.

1986, British Columbia Pavilion, series called “Expo ‘86”

1986, Fraser Valley College, Abbotsford, B. C. (also 2 demonstrations)

1986, Maple Ridge Gallery, Maple Ridge, B. C.

1987, University of Calgary Olympic Oval Exhibition

1987, Royal Bank, Chilliwack, B. C.

1987, Vancouver Sportsmen’s Show

1987-1988, Dassin Gallery, Los Angeles, California

1988-1989, West End Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta

1989, Crystal Gardens, Victoria, B. C.

          Empress Galleries


Edmonton Library Exhibit

1990, Minoru Seniors Centre, Richmond, B. C. portrait demonstration (Mr. Alfred Parker) and boards display

1991-1996, Udell-Woltjen Gallery, Edmonton

1992, Danaer Galleries, Chilliwack, B. C.

1994, Nicola Valley Development Centre, Merritt, B. C.

1996-1997, Plaza Galleries, Whistler, B. C.

1997-2001, Royal Bank of Merritt, B. C.

1998, Logan Lake, B. C. art walk

1999-2003, Hope Arts Gallery, and Hope City Hall displays

1999, McMullen Gallery, University Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta (permanent)

2000-2002, Widmen Gallery, Los Vegas, Nevada

2001-2002, Art-chitectural Gallery, Langley, B.C.

2001-2005, Kane Cottage Studio Gallery display, Logan Lake, B. C.

2001-2005, Blue Moose Café display

2002 Hope Air Fest Trade Show, May 11-12

2002-2003 Japan and Asia tour (Deerfoot, LaCrosse Player)

2003 Hope Air Fest

2004-2005 Hope Art Gallery, “Anatomical Male”

2005 Municipal Building, Chilliwack, 15 Sept.- 21 Oct., “John & Texas” with Henry’s “Britannicus”



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